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Can You Fix My TMJ

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When trauma (both physical and mental) occurs, our bodies and minds wall off the effects, so we can continue to function. While this has survival value initially, over time it impales our innate sense of wholeness. These effects can include nervous system hyper-vigilance, rigid somatic patterning and conditioned emotional responses. Through skillful touch and bodywork we can facilitate clients in releasing these effects, in becoming present in their bodies and learning to reunite with their experience of wholeness.


Joseph Rodin

Joseph Rodin, assistant, supervised practice leader, and tutor trainee, began practicing massage in 1991 and has taught Trager® Introductory courses and other post-graduate continuing education courses over the past decade throughout the Northwest and beyond.

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We can help improve jaw pain, headache, neck and shoulder problems through TMJ related massage. However, not all therapists enjoy working in people’s mouths. Fortunately, extremely powerful results ensue from working externally.

In this class you’ll learn powerful techniques for freeing up the mandible and TMJ complex and achieving profound relaxation. Specifically, we’ll externally address the following:

  • TMJs
  • Lateral Pterygoids
  • Medial Pterygoids
  • Masseters
  • Temporalises
  • Occipitalises
  • Cranial Base
  • Suprahyoids
  • SCMs and other neck muscles

You will learn a variety of techniques including:

  • Passive compression
  • Longitudinal and cross fiber friction
  • Pin and stretch techniques
  • Active stretching with contract/relax mobilization in ascending and descending chains

You’ll also learn how to help clients with home stretches, jaw stabilizing and other TMJ reducing practices and self mobilization techniques as well as learn about appliances, bruxism, jaw classifications, and neuromuscular relationships between the thoracic, cervical, cranial and TMJ areas.

At the end of this class you will feel comfortable assisting clients in increased range of motion and profound relaxation of the jaw, head, and cranial base.

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