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Transforming Chronic Pain

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Cost of the course is: $170 and includes, book, manual and certificate.

What is Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain results from exhausting the body’s adaptive capacity through, injury, trauma, or long term, maladaptive load. This results in psychologic and neurologic changes contributing to chronic pain experience. This course teaches techniques to reset the brain, nervous system, and body towards a state of health and regulation.

What is Trager®? Trager is a unique, neuromuscular approach to bodywork and movement re-patterning that is trauma informed, facially focused, and autonomic regulating. The tablework consists of deep, fluid rocking movements (oscillations) of muscles and joints combined with compression and gentle traction. This feeds into the nervous system resulting in dramatic muscular relaxation, along with feelings of lightness, freedom, and flexibility. 

Milton Trager, MD, who became aware of the basic principles at the age of 18, spent over 50 years refining this unique approach to somatic movement therapy and bodywork.

Trager® stands alone and beautifully complements other styles of massage. Come and learn the language of the neuromuscular system, and turn the temporary release of tension into an ongoing dissolution of muscular tension patterns. This Introductory Workshop also serves as a prerequisite for the Trager® Level 1 Training leading towards certification as a Trager Practitioner.

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